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Admission criteria

Enrollment for the Master of Science Program in Economics is limited. Each fall we enroll individuals distinguished by academic excellence, high potential, and a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. What the admitted candidates do have in common is the ability to benefit from, and contribute to, our academic community. We evaluate applications according to three main criteria:

  • Strong academic aptitude
  • Determination
  • Diversity


Strong academic aptitude
Because the Master program at the Economics Department is rigorous and challenging, prospective students must possess a solid academic foundation. We are particularly interested in quantitative and analytical skills, because our core courses require a comfort with and facility for quantitative and analytical concepts.
Applicants need to have a qualified Bachelor degree, Diploma, or Master's degree from a recognized university with one of the following majors:

For all programs: Economics, business administration, business informatics, industrial engineering.

In Addition, we accept applications from candidates with one of the following backgrounds: For the profile Economics and Politics: political science, public administration, for the profile Finance: financial mathematics, mathematics, statistics, and for the profile Information Systems and Network Economics: computer science and information science.

Upon special permission we also admit students with different academic backgrounds. Regardless of their majors we expect people to have a very solid command of microeconomics and macroeconomics at an intermediate level. A sound knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations are strongly recommended. However, we do not evaluate applications solely on 'the numbers' or on the degrees. Instead, we look at your entire profile, hoping to find as many strengths in as many areas as possible.


In addition to proven academic achievement, we are looking for candidates with a sincere desire to become intellectually engaged both in the formal classroom setting and through various projects, both individually and with their fellow students. Your motivation, your communication and social skills, your energy level, and the extent to which you have taken advantage of opportunities and resources available to you are also important to us.
We expect you to be determined to succeed in your studies and to be devoted to work with your fellow students to achieve your common goals. We appreciate broad intellectual curiosity, team spirit, and leadership qualities. We also request a statement of intent.


We aim at creating a community of diverse backgrounds and interests because we believe that diversity will make learning experiences richer and help us to put learned views into perspective. We also believe that the interaction of people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences, different ethnicities, nationalities, and gender will create valuable interpersonal skills needed as leadership qualities in a modern world. It will also make the Economics Department a stimulating place to learn and expand one's horizons.

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