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Fees, Budgets, Financing

All students of the University of Freiburg have to pay a student union fee of 75 EUR (including the basic amount for the student season ticket) per semester, an administrative fee of 60 EUR per semester as well as 7 EUR student body fee per semester. (No tuiton as of summer semester 2012).

The following list provides an indication of living expense components.

  • Student union fee / administrative fee / student body fee (per semester): EUR 142
  • Books etc. (per semester): approx. EUR 100
  • German Language course: approx. EUR 120 per semester (i.e. about EUR 240 total)
  • Student housing: EUR 180-270 (monthly), or off campus (private): EUR 250-320 (monthly)
  • Medical insurance : approx. EUR 80 (monthly)
  • Transport: Regional transportation at special student fare: approx. EUR 79 (per semester)

Please note that while you are a student and do not have a working permit, you are allowed to work up to 90 days (180 half days) per year.

Currently, there are no scholarship schemes or other financial assistance from the university. Please consult the websites listed below for scholarship possibilities:

- DAAD: scholarship database

- University of Freiburg: Studierendenportal-Finanzen

- Studentenwerk Freiburg (SWFR) for further advice on financial issues

- BMBF Stipendienlotse




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