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Business Club

The Master of Economics Program, MEP , formerly known as IMP, has a very diverse and international student body. While many students already have in-depth academic backgrounds, other students joined the IMP having more a business background.

A group of students with a business background, initiated by the IMP 2010 intake students Simon Stortz and Redis Zaliauskas, have newly founded an IMP Business Club with the purpose to prepare interested Master students also on careers in businesses and public service institutions - complementary to the preparation for academic careers provided by the IMP itself. In addition, the second aim of the IMP Business Club is to strengthen the huge global network among IMP students in order to benefit from the multitude of different cultural backgrounds.


Activities of the IMP Business Club are of a diverse nature. So far, the activities have included among others:

  • Guest talks by business professionals from the HR and Finance departments of GE Healthcare.
  • An Assessment Center training held by professional career coaches from a financial advisory firm.
  • An excursion of the IMP Business Club to Germany's financial capital Frankfurt including visits to the public bank KfW and Deutsche Bank's credit trading unit including practitioner talks.
  • Social gatherings of IMP students across all intakes including presentations of current IMP students about their previous business experience in consulting, financial advisory, industry or other institutions and a power point karaoke to combine the development of presentation skills with fun!


Our events:



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