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Student Perspectives

The Master of Science Program in Economics (M.Sc. Ecs.) was launched in 2003. Each year ca. 60 students from all corners of the globe get enrolled and enjoy the high-level, interdisciplinary teaching in their respective field of study. They have become part of a highly motivated international academic community and enjoy their student life in Freiburg.
Graduates are spread across the globe, some have decided to stay in Germany or other European countries to accept job offers, e.g. in the financial sector, or pursue their academic career in Doctoral Programs.


Some statements by our current and former students:


Patricia Russ from Germany, Economics & Politics (Intake 2010)

My time spent in Freiburg was by far the most intense time of my student life. Coming to Freiburg with a Bachelor of a non-economics related discipline, the first year was not easy. However, I am not exaggerating when I say the solidarity and strong company amongst the students is outstanding –  we spent countless days in study groups, helping each other, laughing, and working towards the common goal of passing our exams.  Personally, I especially loved that the program is so international, which made it even more enriching. To everyone playing with the thought of coming to Freiburg: Just do it! :)


Simon Stortz from Germany, Finance (Intake 2010)


Having studied during my Bachelor in a multi-national program, I was impressed from the very first day that the Integrated Master Program, with its internationality and cultural diversity even exceeded my prior experience. In my opinion, the diversity of the IMP students (in our intake, the students were from more than 15 different countries), serves as a unique multiplier. Every student has his or her personal perspective on academic, but also everyday challenges and hence approaches the very same challenge with a different approach. Certainly, this requires also a lot of openness and tolerance for other working styles or cultures. But if one takes on this journey, it is incredibly enriching – not only on an academic level, but also on a personal level. I also completed an internship in the US between my first and second year. As a recommendation: should you plan to work in Germany after graduation, doing an internship is certainly a ‘must-do’ during your Master Program. Now, I am looking forward to the next step: starting my first job after graduation in consulting.


Wang Chenlei (Tony) from China, MIE (Intake 2007)

“As for me, coming to Freiburg is the first time being abroad. In unfamiliar surroundings, without knowing German, it is challenging to live and study here. But, I think it's the best decision I've made in my life, choosing the Integrated Master Program at the University of Freiburg. People are nice and fellow students help me to overcome the difficulties in the studies.

For those of you who like challenge and are really interested in Economics, welcome to Freiburg, you won't regret.”

 Keili Oja from Estonia


MF, Intake 2007

“Hey! I'm Keili from Estonia. I did my Bachelor's studies at Tallinn University of Technology, after which I worked a couple of years as a Bond Dealer at a bank. Both have proved useful here in Freiburg, but doing one of the three IMP programs really takes more effort and intelligence than previous knowledge. It feels good to be back at school after a couple of years of serious office life. Despite hard studies, I think you will enjoy it here too. By the way, you can expect lots of economics - whichever of the three programs you are doing - and a good crowd!

 P.S. A small tip: to find a room through Studentenwerk you increase your chances if you register online on the first possible chance + call them within some weeks – online registration alone doesn't get you far.”

 Paul Buttenmueller from Germany


MF, Intake 2007

“From my first week in Freiburg I was impressed by the amazing diversity and internationality of the Master Program. In the course of lecture projects and extracurricular activities it is very easy to make friends with fellow students from literally every continent. Now, after almost one year, I appreciate the high academic standards at the University of Freiburg and I am happy to study such a demanding syllabus. In the forthcoming break between my first and second year I am going to join an international Investment Bank as a “Summer Intern”. In a nutshell, I think Freiburg stands for the great opportunity to advance academically, personally and in career terms.”

 Vasyl Kvartiuk from Ukraine


MEP, intake 2007

“The IMP in Freiburg is something I decided for after doing my Bachelor in Kiev, Ukraine, and deepen more in social sciences. The Program is pretty unique and challenging in many aspects but the experience you get is crucial for further activity in the field. Along with pretty solid academic knowledge you’ll get invaluable experience of being not only part of German but very international student community. This is definitely a life-changing experience! I’m pretty sure you’ll be proud of yourself after finishing your Master’s here!”

 Joelle Gautier from Switzerland


MEP, intake 2007

“The experiences I have made so far during my studies in Freiburg differ crucially from my former studies in Switzerland. You will meet people from all over the world and thereby get new insights how various and decisive the cultural, political and economical background can be. Studying in Freiburg definitely gives you the chance to broaden your mind and make many fruitful experiences.
Thus, take your chance.”

 Wang Hong from China


MIE, Intake 2007

“My name is Wang Hong. I'm an MIE student. This field of studies needs very new ideas as well as up to date knowledge. That's exactly what the professors give us here. And I can say that after a year of studying in Freiburg, I learnt things that will be really helpful for my future. The IMP offers me not only an atmosphere that is good for learning, but also the opportunity to know Germany well and make friends with people from other countries. It's a great adventure for me to study here.”

 Stefan Witte from Germany

stefan.jpg MEP, intake 2005

“Freiburg is a nice and popular student town, its university is pretty old and the academic tradition in economics - the ‘Freiburg School’ - plays an important role for the development of economics and politics in Germany.  As a student, you will benefit from interesting people around you, good professors, and a nice place to live. The program itself provides you with the competences you need to do research or to get a good job, although the MEP seems to be rather geared towards an academic career. Mind that the program is a real challenge and not everyone coming to Freiburg actually finishes it. Make sure this is what you want to do and you fulfil the prerequisites in order to avoid frustrations. If you are sure you do, there is nothing left but looking forward to it.”

 Hakan Bayram from Turkey (MF, intake 2003, now an Options Trader at Saen Options in Amsterdam):

  "When I first came to Freiburg, I was immediately surprised about the beauty of the city. By time, I met many people from all over the world and I got the academic knowledge and notion I aimed to get before coming there. Now, I am working as a Junior Options Trader in an international environment, and I realize how useful all those great experiences in Freiburg are. Thanks to all my professors, fellow students and all the people who made it possible."

 Xiaojian Zhao from China (MEP, intake 2003, now a PhD student at Mannheim University):

  "The past two years as an MEP student in Freiburg have been of critical importance for me. I was able to make a successful transition from a software programmer to a scholar in social science. I believe that, for those of you who are really interested in economic science, this program is definitely the right one. You will enjoy this part of your academic life, and of course, your non-academic life in Freiburg. Have fun!"

 Maja Tofteng from Norway (MEP, intake 2004):

  "The Master Program provides you with a big opportunity to study economics with people from all around the world. The first year was quite challenging whereas the second year gives you more time to involve into your field of interest and prepare for your final thesis. The beautiful city of Freiburg has a charming and student-friendly atmosphere which also contributes to making the experience of living and studying in Germany unforgettable."

 Elena Beck from Russia (MIE, intake 2004):

  "I decided to study in the Master Program after four years of working as a manager of the credit department in a Russian commercial bank. This was really a crucial change, which has opened many doors for me in several aspects of life. First, I have met a lot of interesting people from different countries of the world and have learnt more about their culture. Second, I was able to overcome intellectual challenges of the program and develop a global approach in thinking about national and international economic issues of today's world. Third, I am sure now that the Master degree will give me a perfect chance to develop my career on a new professional and academic level. And, finally, without any doubts, Freiburg by itself is a joyful city where it is a real pleasure to spend a part of your academic life!"

 Danilo Avileis from Brazil (MEP, intake 2005):

  "The IMP in Freiburg is a very challenging and interesting experience. You may share with people from all over the world the academic life and thus the difficulties involved when it comes to advanced economic theory. At the same time, you are integrated in the German academic system, since most classes you attend are also attended by regular Diplom-students. A useful piece of advice: study hard your old books of intermediate economics and math for economists before coming here. It´s worth it! About the city: it is very pretty, as well as its surroundings. If you like hiking or biking, you´ll have a great time in the Black Forest!"


bw-i study stories:

Mine Devran Aras, Turkey (MIE, Intake 2006)

Antonio Farfán Vallespín, Spain (MEP, Intake 2005)

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