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Key Competences

The program imparts or enhances a broad range of qualities that will be demanded from tomorrow's decision-makers.

Key competences include: 

  • Highly developed analytical skills and the ability to apply those to specific problems of the respective field of study

  • A profound knowledge of the working of international goods, labor, and financial markets, including their interaction

  • A solid understanding of the technological aspects of the working of financial markets and the internet, respectively

  • Profound insights into the program-specific economic and management issues from the point of view of government and business with a specific focus on solving problems by setting up appropriate decision making structures, schemes for the gathering of required data and their transformation into useful information, designing and assessing various alternatives, taking actual decisions and putting them into practice with adequate monitoring and reporting structures in order to verify their outcomes

  • Understanding of the political-economic aspects of economic policy formation

  • Top level managerial skills

  • Intercultural sensibility, cultural awareness, and the ability to bridge cultural differences. Communication and other social skills become increasingly important in an integrating world where the remaining barriers are less and less of economic but rather social and cultural nature

  • Excellent command of the English language is paramount and a basic knowledge of German is advantageous
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