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Examination regulations

Framework examination regulations (M. Sc.)

Translation (not legally binding)


Subject-specific examination regulations M. Sc. in Economics

Translation (not legally binding)


FAQ Frequently asked questions:

  • Currently there is no limit of time between the completion of the last ECTS and the registration of the master thesis. This is an old rule that was abolished already in 2015.
  • For changing the profile, you must go to the director of the profile you want to go. Once the profile director agrees with your change, you can go to the program coordinator and he will submit your request to the International Admissions Office.
  • If you take a course from a foreign University and want to have it acknowledged in your transcripts, you must present the attached form to your profile director and he will decide on whether it can be acknowledged or not  


  • Registration for exams:
    • First-year students MUST register for compulsory courses (e.g. Adv. Micro I, Adv. Macro I,....) - Updated on 17.1.2018
    • First-year students must also register for elective courses (e.g. Adv. Maths)
    • Registration period is from 20.12.2017 and 24.01.2018
    • Where to register? Campus Management at LSF




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