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What are our goals?

  • Keeping Freiburg close to the hearts of our alumni and helping our alumni to keep in contact with its Alma Mater.
  • Keeping the IMP family together.
  • Fostering Valuable Networking:
    • Helping our alumni to share valuable contacts and information to get a decisive advantage in their careers.
    • Bringing information about the job market from our alumni to our current students to help current students make the best career decisions.


What do we do?

  • Workshop of career opportunities (together with the IMP Business Club)
  • Newsletter
  • Graduation/Reunion Day
  • Social and professional networks:
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Who are we?


Honorary Coordinator:

Antonio Farfán-Vallespín

(Spain, MEP 2005)

Executive Coordinator 2013-2015:

Daria Lavrentev

(Israel, MF 2008)

Editor of the Newsletter:

Ivan Dimitrov

(Bulgaria, MEP 2013)

Designer of the Newsletter:

Javdat Umarov

(Uzbekistan, MEP 2013)

Ivan and Javdat


Former Executive Coordinators:

2009: Marta Messa (Italy, MEP 2007)
2010 - 2011: Claire Nichols (UK, MEP 2010)



To make communication between you and the Alumni Association simple and effective, we have found a contact person for each intake. This means that, for any queries, suggestions, or ideas, you have the choice of getting in touch with the executive coordinator ( or with the contact person from your generation (see list below).

2003 Marina Gur (Karyakina)
2004 Nora Hesse (Frengova)
2005 Antonio Farfán-Vallespín
2006 Sneha Stephen
2007 Marta Messa
2008 Daria Lavrentev
2009 Maria Alexandrova
2010 Simon Alfano (Stortz)