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Orientation Intake 2023

Presentation "Going Abroad, Going to Work" LINK

Presentation "Examination Rules 2023" LINK

Presentation "Student Service Center" LINK

Orientation Intake 2022

feldberg flyer low

  • Presentation Examination Rules (Feldberg 22.10.22 + Freiburg 14.11.2022) LINK
  • Presentation Going Abroad + Erasmus 2022 LINK
  • Presentation Welcome Intake 2022 LINK
  • Overview of the different activities scheduled for the orientation of the intake 2022: Orientation Program Intake 2022
  • Refresher Intermediate Econometrics 2022 LINK


Orientation 2021

Here you can find the materials of the Orientation of the intake 2021. Contact the coordinator in order to obtain the password.

Workshop Refresher Statistics and Probability Theory 2021

Presentation Erasmus for MEP students - Novermber 23, 2021

Presentation MEP Examination Rules Feldberg Nov.13 & Freiburg Nov.23

Link to the recordings of the information sessions of the MEP 2021 (in Ilias)

 Presentation Orientation MEP 2021 - October 15, 2021

Presentation Orientation Student Union 1st Part 2021

Presentation Welcome MEP 2021


Important dates

Teaching Periods

The academic year is divided in winter- (01.10. - 31.03.) and summer semester (01.04. - 30.09.).

Teaching Periods
Semester Beginning End
Winter Semester 2023/24 Monday, 16. October 2023 Saturday, 10. February 2024
Summer Semester 2024 Monday, 15. April 2024 Saturday, 20. July 2024
Winter Semester 2024/25 Monday, 14. October 2024 Saturday, 08. February 2025
Summer Semester 2025 Monday, 14. April 2025 Saturday, 19. July 2025



Lecture and exercise-free days
Winter Semester 2023/24
All Saints' Day Wednesday, 01. November 2023
Christmas break Saturday, 23. December 2023 until Saturday, 06. January 2024
Summer Semester 2024
May Day Wednesday, 01. May 2024
Ascension Thursday, 09. May 2024
Pentecost break Monday, 20. May 2024 until
Sunday, 26. May 2024
Corpus Christi Thursday, 30. May 2024
Winter Semester 2024/25
All Saints' Day Friday, 01. November 2024
Christmas break Monday, 23. December 2024 until
Monday, 06. January 2025
Summer Semester 2025
May Day Thursday, 01. May 2025
Ascension Thursday, 29. May 2025
Pentecost break Monday, 09. June 2025 until
Saturday, 14. June 2025
Corpus Christi Thursday, 19. June 2025

 Official Teaching periods and holidays: Original source


 Registration to Examinations:

  • Registration and deregistration for exams:
    • WS 2023/24: 18.12.2023 -18.01.2024
  • The registrations to the examinations are only possible within this period.
  • Print your Transcript of Records to document your registration.
  • Please refer to the current Corona regulations. You can find information at

  • Information on the room allocation for examinations with several rooms will be published in due time by the respective chair.

  • Please present your identity card as well as your UniCard during the exams!
  • Exam calendar of WS2023/24
  • Examination office - official information on exam dates Link

Registration for next semester

Deadlines Registration for the following semester:

  • Winter Semester: June 1st to August 15th
  • Summer Semester: January 15th to February 15th

        Official information about registration


Special Procedures

Leave of Absence / Semester / Beurlaubung

Involuntary Exmatriculation

Voluntary Exmatriculation and Exmatriculation Post Degree

Procedure for the Acknowledgement of Courses from other Faculties or Universities

Replacement of Compulsory Course of the Module

Certificates for internships

General procedure for requesting certificates

For questions concerning the procedures of the Program please send your queries to the address:


Examination Rules

Summary of the most important examination rules:

Presentation Examination Rules 2023

Presentation Going Abroad / Going to Work 2023


Official examination rules:

Framework examination regulations (M. Sc.)  - In German

Framework examination regulations (M. Sc.)  -  Translation (not legally binding) - In English

Examination regulations M. Sc. in Economics - In German (updated on  25.09.2020)

Examination regulations M. Sc. in Economics - Translation (not legally binding) - In English (not yet updated)

Approval of the Change of the name of the profile ISNE to Digital MarketsExamination Office ("Prüfungsamt"): Link

All official regulations


Master Thesis Regulations

You can submit your thesis physically by dropping it at the inbox outside of the Examination Office at Rempartstraße, 16

You can submit your thesis per Post. For this, the two examplars of the thesis and the CD with the electronic version should be sent by certified post to:

Geschäftsstelle der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen

Prüfungsausschüsse an der Universität Freiburg

- Prüfungsamt Wirtschaftswissenschaften -


79085 Freiburg im Breisgau

The date taken into account for the deadline will be the date stated in the envolope when the thesis was sent.

Additionally, the pdf version of the thesis should be sent per e-mail to the coordinator of the program, the examination office and the supervisor of the thesis.


Do not forget to sign per hand the declaration that the thesis was written without unauthorized help, only using the tools denoted and that all sources are quoted. Without the signature the thesis cannot be accepted!

Presentation Information Session about Master Theses and completing the degree

Introduction to academic writing in Economics

Guidelines for writing the thesis

Master Thesis title page

Form Application for admission and registration to the master thesis

Important forms