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Antonio Farfán Vallespín

Program Coordinator

M.Sc. in Economics


Currently in home office following the instructions of the University of Freiburg to all its workers against the spread of the corona virus.



Currently only reachable per e-mail.


Consultation Hours:

(All office hours have been cancelled due to the covid19 pandemic)


Mailing Address:

University of Freiburg

Faculty of Economics and Behavioural Sciences

D - 79098 Freiburg

Office Address:

MEP Coordination

Rempartstraße 16,

Office 01-014

79098 Freiburg im Breisgau,


How to find us:

Map of the main buildings of the University - Building 6


The admission team of the application process for the intake 2022:

  • Lukas Gieser
  • Renata Harder
  • Niharika Jaokar
  • Zhiyuan Qiu


Please address general questions about the application and admission process to:

If you are a student and you require some information or some certificate, please address your e-mail to: